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Welcome to probably the most efficient office in the Rhine-Main area

Do you work in an office, too?

Then you’re familiar with the daily demands of office work, which are sometimes so extensive they’re impossible to manage. In addition to the usual enquiries and the administrative work, your working day is plagued by constant interruptions and time pressure.

  • Emails

    The flood of information in your email inbox?

  • Endless Lead times

    Waiting times and unanswered questions?

  • Disruption

    The regular interruptions to your working processes?

  • Changes

    Upcoming transformations, e.g. as part of digitalisation?

  • Discussions

    Or the countless meetings?

  • Searches

    Having to look for documents in the filing system?

The pressure on office workers is constant, and this causes stress.
Wouldn’t you like to have the resources to deal with it better? Can you change things?

Yes, you both can and should. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

According to figures provided by the Fraunhofer Institute for Work Management and Organisation (IAO), around 18 million people in Germany work in an office.
This represents around 40% of the national workforce. However. there are methods which immediately reduce processing times by 40%. We show them to you on the spot in our own office.

Supporting aids

How would you feel about being provided with support resources in order to get a better grip on your work and achieve a positive work-life flow?


How would you like to know how you can prepare yourself optimally for upcoming transformations, and the methods which will enable you to master any change?


How would you feel about really looking forward to starting work every day, confident that you will be able to manage all your tasks with ease?

Lean Management in the office field

In production operations, for many decades now methods have been applied which facilitate the execution of working processes. Concepts such as KAIZEN, Lean and CIP are generally known here. Many companies achieve outstanding results with these methods, but few of them apply them to administrative work and the office.

Studies have shown that the value creation level in the indirect, i.e. the administrative area of the company is only 60%. Office staff could achieve much more if they had less of a workload and more flexibility.
What has been practised with great success in production operations for decades is only very slowly being applied to administrative work.

For 20 years we have been familiar with Japan’s KAIZEN philosophy, i.e. with the question of how step by step everyday work can be improved, simplified and freed from stress?

For this purpose we have created the Lean Performance Office.

The implementation of the corresponding methods is tested and monitored within our own office. We work here on exactly the same principles which we recommend to our clients.

As experts in lean management in the office, we provide concrete tips on the subject of improving self-organisation, cooperation and process optimisation. We help our clients to achieve greater motivation and enjoyment in relation to their work, and show them how to achieve effective and productive results with less input.

What gives us pleasure
Once people have found out about it, they want to put it into practice without delay.

The Lean Performance Office

The Lean Performance Office (LPO) demonstrates the application of the Lean and KAIZEN philosophy to administration and office work.

In the LPO all the principles of thought and action which are aimed at the improvement of working operations are based on KAIZEN and Lean Management philosophy. The focus is on optimising company processes, combined with the continuous improvement of product, process and service quality.

Administrative work and communication initiatives are managed and regulated efficiently, are applied and put into practice on a daily basis. Standards for repeatable tasks are of assistance here.

The objective: Processes become faster, better, more transparent. Step by step a process of continuous improvement is established, which provides motivation and flexibility for change.
Shaping the present by improvements enables the future to be developed more successfully.

13 good reasons for visiting the Lean Performance Office

In the Lean Performance Office you will learn

what benefits the continuous improvement process offers.

how you can design your workplace and its surroundings to optimum effect.

how you can create awareness among staff and actively involve them.

how to identify and shape processes.

how to solve problems effectively.

and how to successfully initiate a change in culture.

Visit our Lean Office Safari

5 factors which make us unique

  • Easily understood practical applications

    In our Lean Performance Office we present applications in practice live.

  • Experience

    Practical experience For every case study you receive the entire background know-how, enabling you to „rethink“ the concept which is presented in terms of its application to your industry and your company.

  • Checklists

    In contrast to other seminars, where the topics are often randomly compiled, our approach is selected in such a way that it always gives you a complete overview of all the basic lean management elements in administration and office work. You therefore take with you a complete collection of checklists and recipes, which you can put into practical operation immediately.

  • Digital support

    The hands-on seminar is backed up by structured online learning.

  • Photo Safari

    Take your impressions with you in photographic form!

In the Lean Performance Office you receive

top-class examples of practice from the world of lean management in administrative and office work.

guidelines for practical application of every method which is presented – simple, pragmatic, practice-oriented.

a complete overview of all the results of case studies and checklists covering everything which is important to the successful launch of lean administration.

only recommendations with success potential which has been demonstrated in a wide range of cases.

The Lean Service Institute shows specialists and executives the pathway to correct application.

We realise that you are a specialist and/or executive with important responsibilities, that your aim is to achieve effective everyday working operations, that you wish to ensure total customer satisfaction… and that your main job has nothing to do with the organisation of administrative and office work.

That’s why we are here to support you!

The Lean Service Institute provides you with the best recommendations and guidelines through the jungle of customer requirements. We show you how you can bring your company to the top with greater efficiency.

As an expert on KAIZEN in the office, speaker and moderator in the lean management and KAIZEN field, I support companies and organisations in achieving increasingly improved results with less and less input, and simply working better as a result.

My aim is to support individuals and teams in creating value and eliminating waste in their processes, on the basis of the slogan: „Simply working better“.

People – the engine of every company

Basic and further training, creativity and motivation are essential and ensure the long-term success of any company. My thinking is employee-focused and process oriented.

Integration – the decisive factor

The integration of different ideas is a challenge for modern companies.
But if the implementation is on a step-by-step basis, they will be sure to achieve the targets they have set themselves

Work – the basis for success

Work and endurance are significant factors when it’s a matter of making a vision come true. The targets of a company and its customers can only be achieved if the entire workforce operates in a systematic and structured way.

This is our target group

  • All companies which have not yet occupied themselves with lean administration and would like to get to know its potential for their company on the basis of best-practice examples.

  • All those who have heard of KAIZEN in the office and would like to find out how it can best be applied within their industry.

  • All those who still think that lean management is only something for production operations.

  • All companies and managers on the lookout for new, effective alternatives which will increase the efficiency of their administrative and office operations.

  • All those who wish to improve their skills in administrative and office work.

  • Everybody interested in improving cooperation and processes.

  • All those looking for practical examples of the subject of digitalisation in the office.

  • All those who want to increase their enjoyment of their everyday work.

  • All those who are happy to receive inspiration from the successful ideas of others, and then profitably rethink these ideas within the context of their own company.

  • All real go-getters.

This is not our target group

  • Passive listeners who only want to consume knowledge, without actually implementing it.

  • Companies which are only interested in making a profit and are indifferent to changing their corporate culture.

What clients say

What I liked in particular is the way you showed at multiple levels what „lean“ can mean in administrative/office work. No matter where we look, there are examples of increased efficiency and optimisation. Many small, clearly presented details which make it easier to visualise technical possibilities as a simple solution! The time just flew by, and the management personnel who attended received a significant boost to their motivation when it came to interesting themselves in the application of lean processes to administrative work!

„Perfectly organised. Professional down to the last detail. Friendly, entertaining, gripping. The seminar delivers what it promises. An all-round, comprehensive system.

Cooperation and technology partner

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